Fact: The Swedish Chef was the best cooking show of all time.

My name is Anastasia, and I’m reenacting all of the clips of the Swedish Chef cooking things. Bork bork bork!

If you want to say hi (or if you’re near Prague and know where I can find a chicken, a mariachi band, or a cow) you can reach me at kolobrodova@gmail.com


Fect: Zee Svedeesh Cheff ves zee best cuukeeng shoo ooff ell teeme-a.

My neme-a is Anastasia, und I’m reenecteeng ell ooff zee cleeps ooff zee Svedeesh Cheff cuukeeng theengs. Bork bork bork!

Iff yuoo vunt tu sey hee (oor iff yuoo’re-a neer Pregooe-a und knoo vhere-a I cun feend a cheeckee, a mereeechi bund, oor a coo) yuoo cun reech me-a et kolobrodova@gmail.com

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